Monday, 1 December 2014

Brisbane Office Fitout Tips: Choose the Right Chair to Avoid Back Pain

The average Australian office employee works a 38 hour week. This adds up to over 1,800 hours per year spent inside an office. With a substantial amount of time spent working, you should try to provide your employees with an office chair that keeps them comfortable throughout the day. A comfortable chair provides many benefits. One example is that it makes concentrating on the work-at-hand easier when seated comfortably. Another is that a good office chair can easily prevent back pain issues from surfacing. According to research, roughly 80 percent of the adult Australian population experience back pain at some time. Occasionally, the pain can be so severe that it prevents that person from performing daily tasks, much less work efficiently. You can minimise the chance of this happening in your office by choosing the right chair for your office fitout in Brisbane. When doing so, keep the following in mind:

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