Thursday, 14 August 2014

How Urban Groups’ Brisbane Commercial Fitouts Can Help your Employees Come to Work

Every company knows that employees are their greatest assets and that their needs should never be taken for granted. Apart from the compensation and benefits, workers do require reliable tools as well as a safe, comfortable, and clean working environment. Sadly, many companies have overlooked the latter, resulting in preventable losses. Aesthetics aside, a minimalist and straightforward office design will work just as well as a funky, wildly decorated one. The d├ęcor would be a reflection of the company image you want to project. As long as the basics of comfort and cleanliness are there, your company will do fine. Office interiors in Brisbane are usually finished in neutral tones with touches of bright colour to make the rooms come alive without distracting the employees.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Designing a Collaborative Office with Aid of Urban Groups’ Brisbane Office Fitouts

A Gold Coast or Brisbane office ─ like an office in any city ─ shouldn’t be made of just four walls and people working within them. Great office design can easily inspire employees to be more productive. Whether your workplace is situated in your garage or in the city’s CBD, a creative Brisbane office fitout from Urban Group will definitely make a strong impression on everyone. In an article in, New York Marketing Professor Adam Alter analyses the office interiors of Google and Pixar as collaborative spaces which contribute to their employees' harmony and consequent success.