Sunday, 8 November 2015

Doing a Brisbane Office Fitout? Make Sure to Add These Items to Your Office!

To improve business productivity and efficiency, providing your staff with a functional work environment is crucial. As opposed to setting up a drab and boring office, you should strive to make your office a place where your employees feel inspired and comfortable. Doing a Brisbane office fitout provides you with an excellent opportunity to do that. Aside from giving your office a makeover, there are simple items you should consider adding to your workplace to make it more lively and interesting.

Small Office Items that Can Make a Huge Difference

Whether you're planning a major fitout or a minor one, be sure to include these office items in your must-have list.

1. Desk options. As you may be aware it isn't healthy to sit all day, which is why health experts encourage business owners to set up elevated desks in their workplace to encourage people to stand up from time to time. While an elevated desk may not be everyone's cup of tea, giving your staff various options on how to set up their workspace can help ensure their comfort, which in turn can improve their productivity.

2. Coffee machine. Let's admit it. Not everyone is a morning person and it can be hard to stay perky and energised all day. To make sure your staff's caffeine cravings are satisfied every day, it certainly helps to invest in a coffee machine. Not only will this keep your employees happy, it also eliminates their need to excuse themselves and leave the office for a visit to the coffee shop.

3. Wi-Fi. Not only is it old news, but having only desktop computers wired up on the Internet is counter-productive as well. Make it easy for your staff to go online from any device by setting up Wi-Fi in your office. Aside from helping you save time, going wireless also makes your office look tidier.

4. Recycling bins. Help reduce your office's carbon footprint by adding recycling bins to your workplace. Setting up recycling bins in your office, encourages your staff to become more responsible and earth-friendly members of the society.

Office Fitouts are all about the Small Details

If you want to make your office more functional and comfortable for your staff, guests and clients, refurbishing with interior fitouts in Brisbane will definitely help. When you do, consider the essential items discussed above. Remember successful office fitouts are all about the small details.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What You Need to Know When Using Glass in Brisbane Fitouts

Using glass as a fitout in your commercial interiors in Brisbane is the best way to set your office apart from others. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small, medium or large company, there are various ways in which this material can transform your workspace’s overall look and feel.

Office partitions

Having an office partition is very important to ensure that your available space can meet your specific operational requirements. Using glass for this purpose is a growing trend in companies to create a modern feel.
Glass partitions for offices are made of laminated glass which is strong and durable. This ensures safety for employees and visitors in case of breakage. One of the benefits of this material is that it ensures privacy, especially when tinted. It also reduces sound transmission whist maintaining your office’s appearance.

Office foyers and entrances

Your workspace’s foyer or entrance is what gives your office its character. It gives the first impression for visiting clients as well as prospective staff. Having glass as a material in your foyer and entrance can make a great first impression. Aside from allowing light to come in, it creates a modern and fresh look especially when the entrance has been carefully chosen and lighting compliments the glass installation.

An open space within an office

Open plan office spaces are the norm in modern corporate offices. Glass walls or partitions for this purpose are perfect if you like the efficiency and feel of separating private spaces whilst still maintaining the open look and feel.

Advantages of using glass

·         Modern look: when used properly, glass fitouts are attractive and could create a modern feel in your workspace. Since impressions indeed last, having this material can really go a long way.
·         Cost effective: Glass as your materials for partitions is cost effective compared with other materials. When using glass consider only the specific requirements for your space, ensuring that the exact quantity of the materials needed in your workspace is utilised.
·         Fast installation: When you have a good plan and contractor installing glass for your workspace, you can be sure that the project will be finished on time.

Using glass in your office renovation can make a difference to your environment and provide you some of the best fitouts Brisbane has experienced.