Friday, 18 September 2015

5 Ways to Save During an Office Fitout

Have you been wanting to start an office fit out Brisbane companies suggest, but delay due to the expense? Projects such as this can be costly, however, there are ways to cut your fitout expenses. The end result is that you’ll have a nice looking office without having to break the bank. 

Dont move

Moving is the fastest way for your fitout bills to rise, so its recommended that you move only when you need to. To make your existing office as if it’s new, you can have new desks, carpets, and new ceilings. An update in lighting as well as the latest technology can make your office appear brand new. All of these can be done without having to disrupt regular work hours, ensuring less downtime and continued revenue.

Leasing new spaces

If you really need to, it is recommended that you find a space wherein there’s a partial or full office fitout. All you need to do is move in and get back to normal operations. Keep in mind that such arrangements may have an extra cost such as a higher asking rental. Also, even if the fitout is readily available, you may still need to customise it to meet the requirements of your day to day operations.

Employing contractors

Studies show that the way you engage a professional in doing the design and reconstruction of a new office has an influence on the expenditure. The most cost effective way in completing a fitout is to have a “package deal”, which incorporates the design and build from a sole supplier such as Urban Group - a complete design, construct and furniture fitout company.

Design efficiency

There has been a shift in the styling of office fitouts over the last few years. More offices are employing open plan layouts compared to cellular ones. The result is that there is less prefabrication such as doors, walls, and finishes, and therefore, less cost. An efficient design such as shared walls by adjoining spaces can also help reduce the cost of the overall project.

Reusing workstations

Reusing an existing workstation can give you significant savings. Whilst there still a little cost in dismantling it and a little refurbishment such as new tops, it is nowhere near compared to buying a new one.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tips on Arranging Office Furniture to Ensure Great Office Fitouts in Brisbane

The best office interiors in Brisbane are those that are well-designed and promote business productivity and efficiency. It is important that you arrange your office furniture so that you can save valuable time and resources. What if you have limited office space? How do you arrange the furniture pieces to make your office more functional?

How to Arrange Your Office Furniture to suit your fitouts

Arranging office furniture can be challenging if you have limited floor space to work with. Even if it is challenging, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is not possible. Here are some tips that you should consider to make the process of arranging office furniture less stressful for you.

Tip No 1: Take measurements. No matter how big or small your office is, it is very important to take measurements to ensure that everything you are considering will fit. Before you shop for furniture, measure the size of the office space. Once you have these measurements, it will be much easier for you to determine where you are able to put each piece of furniture.

Tip No 2: Let your furnishings serve multiple purposes. Space is a valuable commodity in a small office, know how to maximise it properly. You can do this by letting your office furniture do a double-duty. For example, you can use your filing cabinet as a printer stand, or use any free surface as storage for files and folders.

Tip No 3: Consider using mobile storage. A mobile storage makes storing and retrieving files and documents much easier. It is basically a file cabinet on wheels. You can move it around, you can bring it to the office when you need something and roll it back out when you don't.

Tip No 4: Pay attention to how the door to your office opens and closes. It isn't easy to pass through a half-open door. So before you place a desk or any piece of furniture near the door, you should take note of how it opens and closes. This is to ensure that it can be opened and closed fully, and that it will not bump into the furniture when someone enters the room.

Make Sure Your Office Furnishings are Well-Placed

Strategic placement of office furniture can make your workplace efficient and productive. Carefully consider where each piece of furniture should be positioned to make your office an appealing work environment. Hire the best experts in office fitouts Brisbane has, so you can fully maximise every amount of space in your office.